2017 Travel Awards

SONA is pleased to announce to announce that the Canadian Association for Neuroscience is providing ONE travel award of $500 to assist a SONA trainee in attending their Annual Meeting in Montreal, May 28-31.


  • Master’s and PhD students and Postdoctoral Fellows are eligible to apply
  • Applicants must have attended the 2016 SONA Conference AND have submitted an abstract and registered for CAN 2017

Important Dates:

  • Submission due date, Monday, April 3 2017
  • Winner will be notified by Monday, April 24, 2017

Submission Checklist (please submit a single pdf file to

  • Abstract (Presented at SONA 2016)
  • Abstract (Submitted for CAN 2017)
  • Evidence of registration (for CAN 2017)
  • A letter of recommendation from the nominee's PI
  • A one-page description from the candidate highlighting 1) recent research contributions to neuroscience and 2) neuroscience outreach and service activities